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Weird Photo Wednesday, May 18

Weird Photo Wednesday, May 18

Weird Photo Wednesday May 18th!

There's nothing more wholesome than a boy and his dog...er...turkey?! For information about this photograph, click here. Check out additional historical photographs in our Digital Collections

Weird Photo-May 18

This publicity photo shows the two stars of the early 1960s television adventure "Fly Boy Detective," which attempted to combine the appeal of "Sky King," "The Hardy Boys," and "Lassie." Episodes featured such memorable dialogue between the high school hero and his pet turkey, Bessie, as: "Gobble, gobble, gobble!" "What? Grandpa's wandered off again? Quick, get into the Cessna." The series ended abruptly after Bessie drowned in a freak rainstorm, but the wrap party featuring turkey croquettes became the stuff (or perhaps stuffing) of Hollywood legend.