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Urban Sketcher donates work

Paul Heaston (r) gives a sketch to WHG's James Rogers

Urban Sketcher Captures the Spirit of The West

Paul Heaston is an urban sketcher.

Looking through his sketchbook is like looking at a portfolio of his life. Wherever he goes he sketches. It might be a chair in his living room. Or his wife. Or a coffee shop. A car through the window.

Apparently he can't help himself, he sketches what he sees, and we're glad of it.

Recently he spent a few hours in the Gates Reading Room on the fifth level of the Central Denver Public Library and made several sketches. He donated one of them to the Western History/Genealogy Department: the most recognizable feature on the floor - a two story structure built of wood brought from the northwest, and assembled without nails in the center of the Gates Reading Room.

To many it evokes a windmill - to others a teepee - still others see part of a mining apparatus - it's all in the eye of the beholder.

We thank Paul for visiting and donating some of his work, and invite you to visit his blog where some of his other work is showcased. http://paulheaston.blogspot.com/


These are great sketches!

These are great sketches! Where can we view the donated piece?