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Tough Times?

Not So Much...

What's news if it isn't bad?  The economy, world strife, general unrest-- pains in the neck to be sure.  But let's  take a historical look through some perspective-changing lenses.

Things never really seem too difficult when one can take a minute to do some relative comparisons, and see how things measure up.  One thing's for sure: History does repeat.  Names, places and circumstances change--  big changes perhaps, or maybe no change at all.

Old copies of  newspapers can provide an intimate glimpse of society-- though not always in the headlines.  Here's a few examples of Denver life from April 26 of Denver Post's WANT ADS 1909:


History's Mysteries and Reported Tragedies' Perspective

PERSONALS--   "ANY  parties who saw an accident at 15th and Champa, where a man was killed by a street car, would greatly oblige by sending their names and addresses, PO box 322."

Wondering if "Cold Case" would benefit from this type of investigation.  No cell phone cameras then, boy.


The (UN)Employment Perspective

HELP WANTED- FEMALE--  (yes, they could hire strictly by gender-- and race... as is often quite clear)
"ANY intelligent person may earn good income corresponding for newspapers; experience unnecessary. Send for particulars...Press Syndicate"

Tell that to the former staffers at The Rocky Mountain News

Other spots available to women as advertised include "Waitress-- $8/ six days,"  and those such as cook, laundress, housekeeping...

"HELP WANTED- MALE--  Man of ability to represent  business... No fly-by-night business... we are looking for a high-grade man and will have none other..."

...When business meant business!

Also for the guys:  Blacksmith, cement worker, baker, railway mail crew-- and an opening for a somewhat mysteriously titled 'dish carrier'... Also, a request for "a strong boy  'with wheel', to deliver packages and 'make himself generally useful'."

That's a spot I'd have signed on for though may have found it very difficult, somehow.

All excellent working positions to be sure, though limited in numbers, thus the competition must've been fierce.


There were also many self-promoting types in a early 20th century version of Monster.com:

"Man wants position as Fireman, Houseman, Janitor; references.  1309 E.1st."

With such a wide set of skills-- how could he NOT have gotten the job?


Investment Perspective

"WANTED-  MONEY--  "Wanted  $7,500 to 10,000  for immediate use in first mortgage real estate loans at 6% ."

Were these the guys who started blowing the bubble?


Old-Skool Style Craigslist and Alternative Medicine Perspective

"WANTED--  An osteopathic table; must be in good condition."


Of course.  No one wants just any old thing found in the want ads... unless it's free...

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This is amazing!

This is amazing!