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From Smoke to Text: What's Next?

From Smoke to Text: What's Next? exhibit poster

 May 6 - August 28, 2011, Central Library - Western History Art Gallery - Level 5

Presented by the Telecommunications History Group, Inc. and the Denver Public Library. 


From Smoke to Text displays how telecommunications changes our lives and world. The show, created by The Telecommunications History Group, Inc., guides viewers from smoke signals and invention of the telegraph in the 1800s to smart phones and the internet today.  It asks viewers to envision “What’s Next?”


The exhibit features several interactive displays including a telegraph sender and a receiver, an early operator switchboard to connect calls, and a switch that shows how calls moved automatically through early mechanical equipment.


Group tours can be set-up by calling Jody Georgeson, at 303-296-1221 or emailing TelcomHist@aol.com.