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Say Goodbye to the Digital Image Catalog

Say goodbye to the Digital Image Catalog and hello to the new Denver Public Library Digital Collections

As the library transitions to a new ILS at the end of January, the Western History and Genealogy Department will move to a new Digital Asset Management system (DAM) as well. Hosted by OCLC, and called CONTENTdm, the DAM will include a Digital Archive to store all of our master photoswest and Creating Communities images as well as all of our future digital materials. Moving to CONTENTdm assures the safe, long-term preservation of our treasured images and other digital materials in a secure off site location.

Currently our 83,000+ photoswest images are on our servers and searchable by CARL. On January 26th, CARL will be turned off and access to the Digital Image Catalog (old photoswest) website will end.

Between Jan. 26 and Jan. 31, patrons and staff will not have access to our Digital Image Catalog. During this time period our IT and web team will build, customize and test the new web interface. On February 1st, the Digital Image Catalog will officially transition into the new DPL Digital Collections website (digital.denverlibrary.org) and will go live with a new web interface and improved functionality, such as:

· A more modern and user friendly website

· Branding more aligned to the main library website

· Access to more than one collection

· Better search capabilities

· Ability to zoom-in on photos

· Ability to save to favorites

In the middle of this year additional features will come online such as:

· The ability to tag and comment on photos

· The ability to integrate with social media tools such as Facebook

· Full eCommerce capabilities, making it easier for our customers to order photos

· Additional resources available online such as the General Index, obituary indexes and other WHG databases

Having both the Library Catalog as well as the Digital Image Catalog offline is not the best situation for our customers and staff, but the shut down of photoswest and the move to CONTENTdm will allow us the smoothest transition to our new Digital Collections website. The new website, as well as the new Polaris ILS will give our customers cutting edge technology as well as new functions and will help keep DPL in the vanguard of innovative libraries.