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Presentation: Researching and Restoring Your Historical Building

Historic home

Saturday, September 18, 2010, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Central Library, Training Room - Level 7

Nancy Widmann, John P. Olson and Bruce Hanson will present a lecture about Denver architecture, regional preservation organizations and the resources they provide. Also included in the presentation will be a workshop that will guide participants through the process of researching the history of Denver buildings.

The lecture will begin in the Central Library's, Level 7 Training Room and continue into the Western History & Genealogy, Building Histories area, Level 5.

Download the PDF for more information about this event and the presenters. 

I move around a lot, and have

I move around a lot, and have rented a lot of houses along the way. I'm always hoping that while i'm out looking for houses for rent, I'll see a sign, look up and have a historical home staring me right in the face. Alas, no such luck thus far. But they sure are fun to learn about. When I was younger, my Dad lived in a early 20th century church in Connecticut, so spending my summers there gave me the historical house bug. Denver is on my list of places to live next, so even if I end up in a apartment, I look forward to checking out the historical homes in the area or a lecture series at the library.