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Royal Gorge Bridge and Train
One of the first Gondola cars
Royal Gorge Bridge and Gondola

Royal Gorge Bridge park is in peril from Wild Fires

Well, it seems to be that time of year again, "Wild Fire Season". With our first day of 100+ temperatures, we have four fires burning and thank goodness there are no fatalities. Royal Gorge Bridge Park, so far, seems to have come through ok, but at 20% containment we can only keep our fingers crossed that the wind does not shift towards the bridge again. On Tuesday the fire started on the south side of the gorge, jumped the canyon and caused damage to buildings and structures on both sides and has burned over 2,000 acres. As of Thursday with the winds shifting we now see 20 structures have been lost and 32 of the bridge's planks were damaged, but the bridge is still intact. The Fremont County Commissioners have issued a disaster declaration in response to the fire. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of all the wild fires burning throughout Colorado and hope the firefighters are staying safe.

A few facts about the Royal Gorge Bridge. Royal Gorge Bridge Park is one of many of our historic tourist attractions here in Colorado. The suspension bridge over the Arkansas River rises to the height of 955 feet,  making it the 8th highest in the world. It was completed in 1929 for $350,000. At today's costs this would exceed $15 million. The Bridge is listed on the National Historic Register.

We were saddened of this

We were saddened of this news. It somehow affects the transportation means. Are the walking bridges around the are been affected?

The park is currently closed.

The park is currently closed. http://www.royalgorgebridge.com/

Check out the above link for more information on when they may reopen.