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Photo Archive Friday

Wow a very large fish

Something fishy is going on here. Can you imagine the fish story this man told. It might have been one of the few that was actually correct!

This is one majorly large fish, too bad the Sturgeon isn’t an eating fish. I wonder how many people this one could feed. Bet they cleaned up on the caviar market though.

Interesting fact: In England, the Sturgeon is a royal fish and every one caught in England is the property of the Crown.

Photo by Bisbee 1908 Nahma 632 ponds 10’11 inches long One of the giant Sturgeon found in the Lakes of Southern Idaho Kelker Studio, Twin Falls, Idaho

Here in Virginia, the Giant

Here in Virginia, the Giant Sturgeon was thought extinct until some of them started showing up recently in the James River. This species grows to ten feet long and was once known as the "fish that saved Jamestown" because the starving colonists in the first few years here before 1612 had to live on sturgeon along with the corn that they could buy or steal from the Powhatan Nation.

Wow that is really large.

Wow that is really large. Thanks for the story on Jamestown very cool information. I image it could feed a lot of hungry people!