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More New Books

More New Books

Readers respond to New Years' Resolution for clearing out the book shelves.

New Books of interest to local history and genealogy researchers:

Travellers' Accounts as Source-Material for Irish Historians by Woods

Ballad and the Plough: a Portrait of the Life of the Old Scottish Farmtouns by Cameron

Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names by Withycombe

Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement: Patterns, Links and Letters by Houston and Smyth

Down and Out in Eighteenth-Century London by Hitchcock

Those Who Left the Dales published by The Upper Dales Family History Group edited by Marriott

New York State Probate Records: a Genealogist's Guide to Testate and Intestate Records, 2nd edition, by Remington

Usher Sisters of Early Augusta County, Virginia: Their Ancestry and Pullin, Steuart and Dickinson Descendants by Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd

An Earl and a Cobbler: a Visit to the Lowther Family Name by Sir Arthur

Ludlow 1085 - 1660: a Social, Economic and Political History by Faraday