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I've used the online Assessor Books to locate my house - now what?

Cabinets holding microfilm of deed book volumes
Drawers with labels indicating the range of book microfilms in that drawer.
Film boxes with volume numbers on them
Cabinet with microfiche indexes for locating page number
One of the microfiche cards with indexes for locating page numbers
Microfilm viewer/printer

I've used the online Assessor Books to locate my house - now what? Head to the clerk and recorder office on the 1st floor of the Wellington Webb building.

Once you have obtained the book number from the Assessor books online from the digital collections part of the DPL's Western History/Genealogy Collection you want to see the actual deed for the details of the sale. Those are kept in the Clerk and Recorders office in the Wellington Webb Building.

Get a researcher number from the touch screen in the outer area of the office.

Proceed to the back area and speak to an employee who will take you to the room where the documents are kept.

Unfortunately most of these documents have only a book number, that means you have two options:

  • either search the microfilm of the deed book for the appropriate entry - they are kind of chronological, but you can't trust things will not be out of order.
  • the second option is to search a microfiche copy of an index to the volume and then go to that page for the details of the transaction you're interested in

Once you locate the appropriate page you can print out the image for your records.

Pay the fee at the counter where you went to be taken to the document room and you're on your way.

Home history info? This

Home history info?

This sounds really neat- is this the first step to learning the history of your home? I live in a 100+ year old home in Baker and would love to learn a bit about the architect and history of the neighborhood. How would I start the process?


This process can tell you who

This process can tell you who owned the house, Householder directories, beginning in 1924, tell you who lived in the home and city directories (alphabetically by the name of the person) can often tell you where the individual worked.

There is no single place to trace a house history.

Also it is very, very rare to be able to learn who designed a home.

Enjoy learning about your home.