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The Iron Horse

California Zephyr
Engine 818
Engine 4053
The Iron Horse
Engine 5063
Engine 7002
Denver Rio Grande and Western Railroad

A tribute to trains...

There is something about trains that stirs people’s emotions and makes them fall in love. Perhaps it is nostalgia, or the thought that it is a relaxing way to travel, maybe it’s the pungent smell of smoke that fills the air as an old steam engine barrels round the bend, or maybe it’s watching a modern high speed train zip from one spot to another; whatever it is people have had a fascination with trains. From playing with “Thomas the Tank Engine” as children to the most meticulous model makers; trains are a lifelong passion for people. They make us feel good and they get our adrenaline pumping. Whether it was the first trip on the transcontinental railroad from one end of the country and back or if it is taking a trip on the California Zephyr today, people in this country have always loved trains and it’s easy to see why. So many great memories are made on them and they stay with people throughout their entire lives. So enjoy the photos and search through the Library's Digital Collections catalog here to find the photo that triggers your favorite memory of America’s Iron Horse.