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Here's to the Women of the West!

Wild West Cowgirls
Annie Oakley
Georgia Duffy and Della Ferrell
Native American Women
Womne and Teepees
Annie Oakley

Ladies in the West

In so many histories that are published about the West, often times women are left out or glazed over in a superficial coverage. But in reality, the women in the West had major roles in the country’s development and also contributed economically and socially in all aspects. Women were pioneers who farmed as well as kept the homestead running, they were also expert weavers and jewelers who created some of the most rare and sought after materials today. Women could also ride, shoot, rope and race as well as anyone and possessed all the skill’s any cowboy, or cowgirl for that matter, would ever need. And often times, it was women who kept diaries and daily journals that many historians and researchers find as invaluable resources for historical records today. So, take your time and checkout some of the amazing images here of these great western women in action!

Great photos of western

Great photos of western women!