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Halloween Weird Photo Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Halloween Weird Photo Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Skulls and Snakes

Happy Halloween and welcome to this week's Weird Photo Wednesday! One of our colleagues found this photograph in the AVERY-MEAD FAMILY PAPERS, 1877-1985 collection, WH564. The photograph is not viewable online, but here is the information we have about the photo, though it does not give an explanation of what they were actually doing: 

"Franklin Capen Avery (1849-1923) assisted in surveying and platting the Colorado towns of Greeley and Ft. Collins; developed the Avery block in downtown Ft. Collins. His sister, Louise Avery, married Alexander Mead, Jr., a well known irrigationist and early settler of Greeley, Colo.  Their son, Edgar Avery Mead (1872-1961) was born in Ledyard, N.Y.; graduate of Colo. Agricultural and Mechanical College; rancher and Mayor of Ault, Colo. Edgar Mead enlisted with the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry Regiment and served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War (1898)."

It seems like there was a bit of extra time on these soldiers hands! Make sure you check out the Digital Collections for more strange and unique photographs! If you like these blogs, make sure you like us on Facebook! And watch out for the ghosts and goblins! 

Wow, that one takes the Weird

Wow, that one takes the Weird Wednesday cake for me! Not only doesn't it tell us who is pictured (we can only be pretty sure Louise isn't there), but what the heck is going on?? Snake handling and stacked skulls. Maybe in Spain during the Spanish War. Or not. Who knows?

Here's all the info we

Here's all the info we know. The photo is from the Avery-Mead Family collection, WH564. The photo appears to be cut out of a magazine or book; it's not printed on photo paper, but on some kind of publication paper. [It's not a half-tone.] The collection includes materials from the Spanish-American war, and has photos from the Philippines. So our best guess for the location of the photo is the Philippines. Most of the time we have full records and information about photographs and other materials we post, however, in this case, we did not. I did not want to discount the photo and not post it, because it was a good representation of a creepy, scary photo, just in time for Halloween.