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Exhibit: Denver Health: 150 Years of Service to the Community

Exhibit: Denver Health: 150 Years of Service to the Community

September 18, 2010 - January 3, 2011
Central Library, Gates Reading Room, Level 5

Visit the exhibit to learn about how Denver Health has played a crucial role in sustaining a standard of health care that has resulted in Denver’s reputation as one of our nation’s healthiest cities.

There has long been a connection between illness and poverty. Public hospitals have always served the role of caring for society’s most vulnerable citizens. 150 years ago Denver officials believed that caring for the poor and sick was an integral part of city government and its first hospital was established in 1860 in a house on the corner of Wazee and 16th Streets in what was then a rough-and-tumble frontier village. During its long and tumultuous history Denver Health was known by many names: City Hospital, Hotel for Invalids, Arapahoe County Hospital, and for much of its modern-day history, as Denver General.

For 150 years, Denver Health has been a beacon of hope. From its inception during America’s westward migration to its current lofty position as a model for the nation, Denver Health has never lost sight of its mission: to care for society’s vulnerable populations, to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals, and to provide access to the highest quality health care.

Seven generations of Denverites have found refuge and healing at Denver Health and for seven generations the cycle has continued: birth and death, joy and grief, sickness and recovery.

For more information and photos, visit the exhibit at the Library or visit Denver Health's website: http://denverhealth150.org/

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