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Donors Make it Happen

I was sitting at my desk today wondering what I should blog about when I received a phone call from our reference desk saying that a donor was here to see me.

Who might that be, I wondered, since I wasn't expecting anybody. The donor turned out to be a lovely woman named Deborah Kruse, who placed into my hands a scrapbook her mother, Evelyn Pruitt, had put together when she was on the PTA at Boulevard Elementary School in Denver in the 1960s. The scrapbook is a lovely little gem filled with certificates, pamphlets, correspondence, clippings, and photographs pertaining to the 1963-1964 school year at Boulevard. "I didn't realize my mother was a scrapbooker," Ms. Kruse marveled as she handed the book over. What's more, as she was filling out the donation form, she noticed that today is her mother's birthday.

Meeting Deborah Kruse today and witnessing the pleasure it gave her to turn over her mother's scrapbook to us was a wonderful reminder for me about the service we provide the community. It gives us great joy to preserve history in its many forms, and I hope others in the community will think of us as well when they come across family heirlooms and Denver memorabilia. We are grateful to all of our donors, not only for trusting us with their treasures, but for thinking of us in the first place as a place where history lives.

Boulevard Elementary

Wow, I attended Boulevard Elementary that year. It was the last year we were able to attend because as I remember, the building was condemned and I was transferred to Brown Elementary. Is it possible to view anything in that scrapbook online. My teacher that year (2nd grade)was Mrs. Mercer.