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Creating Communities project

Have you walked around your neighborhood lately?

Have you ever wondered about its history, famous events, or famous people that might have even lived on your block?

Soon you’ll be able to answer some of these questions about the area you live in. Through the Creating Communities project, information on Denver neighborhoods from official records of the City and County of Denver as well as a wide variety of partner institutions will be digitized and brought together in a centralized digital repository. Historic city and neighborhood documents, photographs and maps will be available for viewing online. You will be provided with digital access to rare and unique neighborhood records.

Residents, students, teachers, municipal employees, real estate developers, historic preservationists and scholars will be able to find information about seven of Denver’s neighborhoods. Initially the seven neighborhoods include Park Hill, Five Points/Whittier, Auraria/Lincoln Park, Capitol Hill, University Park, Barnum and West Colfax. The Library will add other neighborhoods over the next 10 years.

By using Creating Communities, when you walk through your neighborhood you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation of the history of where you live. You won’t have to wonder about the history of your neighborhood, you’ll just have to visit the Creating Communities web site to find out about your unique and wonderful neighborhood! We hope to have the web site online sometime next year. We’ll keep you informed!

See Creating Communities for more information.

Sheridan, Co.

Have you any plans to cover the history of the south suburban town of Sheridan and Ft. Logan? The "Friends of Historic Ft. Logan" have already done much work on the history of the Fort but there is little on the town of Sheridan. Would the grants cover this area? It would be very important because of the military fort and the surrounding supporting town which is located between Denver, Englewood and Littleton.

Sheridan, CO

Hi Barb,

Unfortunately, the grant has ended for this specific project. We did receive a new grant, but we will not be digitizing specific neighborhoods in the future. Our new grant is called, "Creating Your Community". It will allow citizens a chance to upload, via photos, video and print, their own personal views about their neighborhoods and their individual histories and places within those neighborhoods. More information will be coming soon as the grant begins in January. Stay tuned!


Can't wait to see more!

Cole and Clayton

Do you think you'll do the Cole and Clayton neighborhoods?

Cole and Clayton

We hope to do all of Denver's neighborhoods. As this is a pilot project and dependent on grant funds, we only have funding at this point for the seven neighborhoods. However, we hope to apply for more grant money and depending on how well we do with the initial Creating Communities project we may be able to obtain additional funding to eventually do every Denver neighborhood.

WOW! Who knew?

WOW! Who knew?


DPL is the best! I can't wait to see the new site.