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Community Tuesday - The Good Ole' Days

40th Anniversary of the Transfiguration of Christ Eastern Orthodox Church
Transfiguration of Christ Eastern Orthodox Church
Traditional Greek Dancers

Driving along I-70 I’ve always wondered about the neighborhoods that it dissects.  I’ve never really noticed anything besides the cars wising by, and the different factories that line the Interstate.  That all changed this past weekend as I found myself at The 10th Annual Food Festival and Old Globeville Days celebration located in Argo Park.  Globeville was once a small town north of Denver.  Mostly comprised of Eastern European immigrants, it was annexed as part of Denver in 1902.  It was for many years, and still is, a heavily industrialized section of the city.

The celebration, spanning Saturday and Sunday, was a great way to spend an afternoon.  I especially enjoyed the variety of Eastern European dance troupes, bands, and food.  Most of all the welcoming spirit of the people made me feel right at home.  As I walked around and talked to various community members I realized that there is a strong connection between the various people in the neighborhood.  I spoke to several residents who are fourth generation.  Some of which still have relatives in their 90’s, who also grew up in the area.   These “old timers” still have memories of life among the smelters, meat packing plants, and the stock yards.  For more historic photos of Globeville click here.  If you would like to contribute your own photos of Globeville you can visit the two Globeville communities “Globeville” and “Globeville History” on the Creating Communities website.