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Colorado Historical Society Microfilms Arrive at DPL

Movers arrive with the first of 32 cabinets loaded with newspaper microfilm from the Colorado Historical Society.

Many Colorado Historical Society Newspaper microfilms have arrived at the Denver Public Library and are ready for use.



For the next year or so historians and researchers will have access to most of the extensive collection of Colorado newspapers owned by the Colorado Historical Society through the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library. The cooperative effort will make available most of the collection housed in 32 microfilm cases.

Films for which the Historical Society does not have original negatives are being stored until the completion of the new building sometime in 2011 so not every roll of film the historical society had will be available at the Denver Public Library.

CHS microfilms will need to be requested at the 5th floor reference desk and will be viewed in the Mullen manuscript reading room, temporarily housed in the 10th Mountain Room.

CHS Microfilms

The blog indicated that not all CHS microfilms will be available. Can you post on the blog (or somewhere) a listing of what titles are available and for what dates?

CHS Microfilms: What's Available?

The inventory for titles received from CHS literally numbers in hundreds of pages. Please feel free to contact us about specific titles and spans of time, and we'll happily check to see if it's available as part of our collection or the CHS loan. And we can also check to see who might have a title not held by either DPL or CHS, or not part of the CHS loan to our department.


I'm interested in an article that was printed Sept. 19, 1917 re:Judge Mugfer. Can you tell me if it is available?

Thank you :)