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Civil War photo identified

We now know the identify of this photo

We now know where this photo was taken? (click on it to enlarge)

This photgraph is in the Pratt/Magee Family collection (WH636). It was taken during the civil war and that the wagons in the foreground are ambulances. It is accompanied by a photograph of a soldiers home in Camp Nelson, Kentucky. Both photos are 8x10" albumen prints mounted on 10.5x12" cardstock.

Both pictures were taken at Camp Nelson, near Lexington probably in 1864. Copies of both images can be found (along with more than a dozen others) on the Camp Nelson website http://www.campnelson.org/tour/index.htm

We appreciate the assistance in identifying this photograph especially the folks who frequent the True West website - http://truewest.ning.com/forum/topics/can-you-identify-this

True West Magazine forum

Hi, Denver.

I posted the photo and your question here on the forum at True West magazine in the hopes that someone just might have some information for you. Let me know if I over stepped my bounds.

Jeff Smith www.soapysmith.net

Surprised at response...

You might want to check out the True West forum link I posted above. I was surprised at the response.

Probable answer

Wow, my idea of putting the photograph on True West forum paid off. Here's a Website with a copy of the same photograph.

The Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles has a person representing the museum on the forum as a member. Perhaps the Denver Library should do the same. I'd personally like to invite you over. True West forum

Sending the answer

I tried sending the answer through the address listed in the original post but it listed me as spam and would not send my email. I hope someone sees my posts.