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Center for Colorado and the West

The Center for Colorado and the West, established on the Auraria Campus in 2009, has a delightful website which presents content of interest to any student or enthusiast of Colorado's past.

The Center's website offers monthly lists of new publications sure to please students, scholars, and librarians in search of vital new works for their Colorado collections. Biographical profiles present brief sketches of notable Coloradans. Research guides provided lengthy collections of materials relevant to different topics, and the two current offerings on Hispanic and America Indian experiences in Colorado.

But perhaps the most notable content on the website is its book review section, with a remarkable number of reviews on recent publications, where the reviewer is often as interesting as the work under consideration. And if the Center can sustain this pace and production of content, this is sure to be a frequent stop for those of us who revel in Colorado's past and present.

Thanks to Wendell Cox for

Thanks to Wendell Cox for pointing out the book reviews provided for the Center for Colorado and the West. This is one of the few places where one can find numerous reviews of books on Colorado. It also has good bibliographical resources. The King Foundation, the Auraria Library, and Thomas J. Noel as well as the many contributors to the endeavor have done the public and the scholarly community a favor by mounting and supporting this site.

And the site, content, and

And the site, content, and its value for those interested in Colorado history has only increased since my original 2010 post!