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Bancroft History Prize winner announced

Garden of Invention
Dreaming of Sheep in Navajo Country

The Western History & Genealogy Department recently selected this year's winner of the annual Caroline Bancroft Prize.

The Bancroft History Prize was awarded to Jane S. Smith for her book The Garden of Invention: Luther Burbank and the Business of Breeding Plants.  Marsha Weisiger's book Dreaming of Sheep in Navajo Country was named this year's honor book. 

Congratulations to both authors for their exceptional contributions to the history of the American West.

Garden of Invention

I would have thought the winning of this prize would have attracted more readership interest.

When checking on the availability of the book in the stacks, there was a copy available. Of course I put a hold on it, but there was a nagging question. Why was this book available? I thought there would be a longer wait.

One of my favorite places in the library has always been the Western History Collection. I remember rummaging through the collection before the big remodeling and miss the clutter of the little treasures scattered through the reading room.

Not many of us, apparently, interested in this part of culture.