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A 1913 Hotel Review

Field & Farm Hotel Review 1913

How did anyone know what accommodations to book or avoid before the days of online hotel reviews? The newspaper! Read on for the sharing of one intrepid traveler's hilariously bad hotel experience in 1913. 

With summer here, many among us are scouring travel sites to seek out reviews of the best hotels. We rely on the feedback of others who have stayed at a particular hotel to tell us about the amenities and their experiences, rating the continental breakfast selection, the pool, and the thickness of the walls. Apparently, folks in 1913 were no different. The “charming Kate Field” reported in the December 8, 1913, issue of Field and Farm all about her “Horrid Night in a Rough Hotel”.

Since Ms. Field was visiting a Colorado mining camp, she was probably not expecting the height of luxury in her accommodations, but it seems she got more than she bargained for. After finally getting to sleep despite the thin, wooden walls, and the “ordinary going and coming” in the hall, she was startled awake by someone yelling “Smith” through the key hole in her door. It turns out that an eager porter was trying to deliver a wake-up call and ended up on the wrong end of the hallway. The hilarious exchange between the porter, a clerk, Ms. Field, and two other hotel guests named Smith reads like a slapstick sketch, and ends with everyone on the hall waking up, many rushing to the hallway to see what all the yelling is about.

I hope Ms. Field gave the hotel at least one star for its thorough wake up calls!

I've never read a hotel

I've never read a hotel review on Trip Advisor that was as entertaining!