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Think Before You Toss

By far the most frequent comment I get when I approach people about donating their papers or records to the library is: "I never thought anyone would be interested in my old stuff. I was just going to throw it away."

Not so fast! It's often amazing the treasures that could be hiding in, for instance, grandma's old box up in the attic, or the files you've kept from your or a loved one's career, or even current files you are accumulating related to your work, political involvement, or extracurricular activities. Or, maybe you're involved with or know of a club, organization, or business whose records could come to the library.

The Western History and Genealogy Department's Archives Collection is a treasure trove of original material (correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, and more) related to Colorado and regional individuals, families, events, businesses, clubs, and organizations. These collections form a rich resource for historians, researchers, and the public at large.

So, before you head to the trash bin with those old boxes in the basement, consider contacting us first. What you think of as trash could be treasure for the right researcher!


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