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Weird Photo Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Weird Photo Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Ok, now where did Santa go? 

Why is he always leaving me here on this cold sleigh? He takes presents inside and just leaves me here in charge. He keeps bragging about all the cookies, milk and other goodies he gets. You'd think he'd bring me some...but oh no! I think fat man has had one too many goodies. I love the old guy, but sometimes all he does is think about all of those little people with the funny pointed hats and his beloved, oh-can-do-no-wrong, reindeer. And always talking about the one with the red nose. To me, it just looks like a big red pimple! Oh well, here he comes, looks like he got back out of that chimney faster than I thought. What? What is that in his hand? Cookies! Oh boy, fat man brought me some cookies! I love that guy! Happy Holidays everyone! For more information about this photograph, click here. And remember to like us on facebook


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