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I think the choice of words

I think the choice of words could go either way. Durand was a man who spent a lot of time in the Wyoming wilderness but you are correct he was also a farmers son. As far as this being a Western tale I think this story is uniquely Western. Because many of the "gangsters" of that era (Capone, Dillinger, etc...) were men who committed their crimes in Eastern cities and were totting around tommy guns, were mixed up in the bootleg trade and evaded federal officials. While Durand, on the other hand, was an outlaw who was born in the West, guilty of poaching in the Western wilderness, and evaded informal posse's of men chasing him into a mountain stronghold. His end also has eerie similarities to the James/Younger gang's Northfield Raid. But you are indeed correct that there were many lawless men in that time period and whether this tale is Western certainly is debatable. Thank you for the comments they are always appreciated. 


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