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What a nice, cheery blog,

What a nice, cheery blog, Kellen, Thanks! What a day brightener... Hannibal Lecter eat your heart out [with fava beans and a nice chianti...]

You know, for some more fun reading, people should check out one of my old favorites: "Boulder County, Colorado, Deaths and the Insane 1859-1900" G929.378863 M248bo

Here's a sample of one of the many fascinating and grim stories: "Hunter, Andrew declared insane 26 Feb 1896. Had tried to blow up house in which wife lived in Longmont some time ago... He had been "laboring under the impression for the last month that he was driving sheep in the jail. He would talk to them, feed them, lead them up to drink, etc." He was driving the sheep to California." (Boulder News)

Another: Mrs. Dr. U. Perry was brought to jail wildly insane 23 July 1890. A neighbor complained, said she was a victim of religious study. (Boulder News)

One more: John McGregor was declared insane 11 June 1900. He states that he was three feet tall at birth "and that he immediately waited on his mother by giving her medicine and that he had trunks and trunks full of $1,000 dollar bills." Age 43. (Boulder County Herald Weekly)


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