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Thanks to the author for

Thanks to the author for shining a light on this frequently overlooked chapter of baseball history. Women have been playing baseball in the USA for at least the last hundred and fifty years, and fine treatises such as Jean Ardell's "Breaking Into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime," Barbara Gregorich's meticulously researched "Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball," or any of Dorothy Seymour Mills' groundbreaking "Baseball" series ("The Early Years," "The Golden Years," and "The People's Game") offer ample evidence of women's integral roles in developing and fostering the growth of the game as we know it today. This brief look at Fred Leo's role in the AAGPBL is a refreshing perspective on the mostly male-dominated realm of our beautiful National Pastime, which is truly a game meant to be played and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender.


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