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Helen Chain's Art Sketches

Helen Chain
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Helen Chain's Art Sketches
Helen Chain's Art Sketches
Helen Chain's Art Sketches

Western History Art Treasure

Helen Chain was an early Denver artist, coming with her husband James to the Colorado Territory in 1870.  James and his partner owned the Chain and Hardy Company, binding and selling books, stationery and art. Helen studied with W.F. Porter in Denver, and later taught art.  Charles Partridge Adams was one of her pupils, meeting Helen when he took a job with the Chain and Hardy Company.

Helen joined the Denver Fortnightly Club, whose purpose was "to organize a society for mutual benefit in study and thought upon subjects as may present themselves for consideration.”  While on a world tour in 1892, she wrote and illustrated an article about the art of Japan, mailing it in September to her husband’s business, to be readied for the Fortnightly Club where it would be read in her absence.  Tragically, Helen and her husband died in a typhoon the following month, October 10, 1892.

Her article, written on long, scroll type paper and beautifully illustrated and bound, is on display now through the end of December in the Gates Reading Room, Western History/Genealogy Department, Level 5 of the Central Library.

Art Sketches (C2012-39 ART) Denver Fortnightly Club papers (WH741)


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