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Dalton Trumbo, GJ Radical

I remember that in Grand Junction in 1970 it was a rite of passage for a true radical to actually go into the Library and get Mrs. Millet to bring out the single copy of "Eclipse" from the vault and to sit under her watchful eye reading it.

Dan Orr, legend had it, had a bootleg photocopy, but I never actually saw it.

"Eclipse" evokes an unmistakable sense of Grand Junction like nothing else. And it dishes the dirt on all the crooked politics that seem ubiquitous today, but were scandalous then.

Now it's in free publication, and I was amazed to find a contemporary paperback copy of it in my Mother's things after she passed.

The film "Johnny Got His Gun" is a jarring condemnation of war, and a black and white classic Must-See. Dalton Trumbo was one of McCarthy's targets, so that's a good thing too!

Nice post, Thanks!


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