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Double Takes - Made Me Look - Again!

Poolside Beauty   z-11829
The stewardess from Kubrick's "2001" on her break   Z-11827
Oh, the Luxury of Pink Formica!   Z-11831
Reflections of the Beautiful People       Z-11823

A Banquet of 60s Kitsch ~ Madmen at the Library

Sometimes the only thing to say is "Wow." Lloyd Rule's promotional photos for Green Mountain Townhouses in Lakewood, Colorado, capture the mid-60s style in all it's glory.

The helmet hairdos, garish colors, and bubbly sexism tread the thin line between historic and anachronistic, and show another tiny, amazing corner of our vast, amazing collection.

To see all eleven photos, follow this link Green Mountain Townhomes.

Don't miss the Hot Tub shots!


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