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You know, I frequently hear

You know, I frequently hear this strange comment "It turns out the natural gas harvested was too radioactive for public use" but as a resident of Rifle, a few miles west of Rulison and a few miles south of the later Rio Blanco blasts, this is not the way I remember it. I remember us *ALL* knowing that the gas would be radioactive even before they shot off the nuclear blast. I also don't remember it being ever considered successful. Now all I need to do is find a few articles to back up my memories. It was fun, however, to have the AEC bring an exhibit to the Fairgrounds that my brother and his best friend Charley were allowed to operate. It showed how nuclear workers used robotic arms to handle radioactive material, and they got to operate the arms. I scanned a filthy slide of the blast that my dad probably took and I uploaded it to my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlcrook/3325083046/ All you can see is dust. Good sites about the blast are: http://www.em.doe.gov/bemr/BEMRSites/prbs.aspx
and this PDF: https://www.osti.gov/opennet/reports/plowshar.pdf Rio Blanco was more fun because we were sent out of Rifle High School on the beautiful May day of the blast, where we sat on the lawn waiting for a possible earthquake, which wasn't much of a quake, but at least it got us out of accounting.


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