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Bluebird Theater's Blue Nights

Bluebird Theater's Blue Nights

A Denver Theater's Unexpected History

Denver's Bluebird Theater has a long and storied history. When first opened in 1914, the Bluebird was a neighborhood movie theater. In the 1960's it began showing art flicks, and since reopening from a seven year closure in 1994, the Bluebird has been an intimate and lively venue for many local and national bands. But did you know that from 1974-1987, the Bluebird showed pornographic movies? The article, “Theater is Bird of A New Feather,”  from the Denver Post's October 6, 1994 edition (available by searching DPL's America's Newspapers or by visiting Western History and Genealogy to examine our Clippings files), gives this and other information about the theater. In fact, several Denver Area theaters showed blue movies during the 1960's and 1970's, including the Gothic, Kitty's, the Victory and the Vogue. These theaters were the targets of censorship and the source of much consternation for the governing apparatus. Find out more about the above picture by clicking here.  Find out more about the history of Denver's theaters by searching our Digital Collections.


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