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New Books

I just love it when some one sends me new gift books.

Laura Stone of Flagler, Colorado has kindly sent a box of genealogy and local history books from her and Lyle Stone's collection.

The box contained the following:

Our Heritage: A Collection of Tales of East Central Colorado vol. 1   Lyle W. Stone. Lyle’s Stories: Hal Borland and His Folks   Lyle W. Stone. Second Central Memories   Crockett Allen Harrison. Thomas Seavy and Robert Irwin   Alice Potter. World War II and the People of Lincoln County The War Years A 50th Anniversary Album Lincoln County, Colorado   Thomas C. Stone. Stones of Greene County Indiana With Our English Ancestry Included   We Pulled Together and Won! Personal Memories of the World War II Years   We Had Everything But Money Priceless Memories of the Great Depression   The Civil War Brother Against Brother The War Begins   Daniel Wait Howe. Howe Genealogies   Caroline Jean Dean. A Genealogy of the Brittendall Families   Beverly Stone Reynolds. Rolling Stones   Surry County Book 


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