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Double Takes - Made Me Look - Again!

Heap of Papers - RH-1429
Detail of RH-1429
Detail of MCC-1660
Detail of X-22073

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Sometimes when I look at my desk I feel overwhelmed - then I remember this picture by the amazing Harry Rhoads and get a little lift. He was always able to get a smile out of people - and he had an excellent eye for framing and lighting a photograph, not to mention telling a story. As "Denver's Phototographer" for more than six decades, Harry Rhoads knew how to take a picture.

The enlargement demonstrates the capabilities of our new software, which now allows users to examine the detail in images like never before. The preview version of the image often hides amazing surprises, as demonstrated in the second set of images, by another of our reknowned photographers, Louis C. McClure. Because of the sharp resolution in glass plate negatives, our high density scans reveal almost microscopic detail upon enlargement - showing here the tiny hairs and pollen in this bowl of anemones.

The third set shows how it's possible to get a close look at faces that can get lost in the big picture.

Heap of Papers - Harry Rhoads - 1920-1930 - [RH-1429]

Crystal bowl of anemones - L. C. McClure 1900-1920 [MCC-1660]

State Agricultural College football eleven - Fort Collins, Colorado, December, 1899. [X-22073]  


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