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Ferril Knew Them All

Ferril Knew Them All

In her oral history (OH193), Anne Ferril Folsom said that, in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, the word was out that when traveling from coast to coast, the best place for a stopover was the Ferril house in Denver.  Thomas Hornsby Ferril and his wife, Helen, entertained Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Dorothy Parker and numerous other celebrities of the time.

The image portrays Ferril in the white suit with Thomas Wolfe at a University of Colorado Writers' Conference in 1934.  Wolfe visited Ferril other times including one last visit in 1938 where he attended a party, drank too much and talked a lot.  Ferril took notes and wrote about the party in his diary.  Wolfe died September 15, 1938.


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