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Railroads galore!

Railroads galore!

In their early years, railroads did much more than carry passengers across the country. The Iron Horse helped settle the West by building rail branches to uncharted areas. 

The Western History/Genealogy Department is a treasure trove of railroad resources and collections. The manuscript collection includes papers from the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Northwest Terminal Railroad, the San Luis Railroad and the San Juan Railroad. In addition, we have maps, pamphlets, timetables, and other material produced by railroads to promote the American West and demonstrate the artistic flair of the period. Some of our wonderful treasures include over 20,000+ Otto Perry photographs as well as other great railroad photographers such as Robert Richardson, Louis Charles McClure and William Henry Jackson. These can be found in our Digital Collections. And if you have an interest in narrow gauge and would like to join a discussion group, there is a wonderful forum, the Narrow Gauge Railroad Discussion Forum


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