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Digitizing Old Newspapers

I find old newspapers very fascinating. Thanks for blogging about them.

If you have time, would you offer input to one or more of the following questions?

1. Is the digitization of old newspapers (putting the issues of old newspapers onto the computer, and making the old issues available to everyone) within the scope of our libraries today, or is it too expensive, too labor intensive.

2. Are there private companies or historical societies already digitizing the old newspapers? Are special concern groups (religious organizations, business companies, legal firms, genealogy clubs, etc.) already digitizing the newspapers that they are interested in?

3. What do you think the future holds for old newspapers and the computer? Do you see our old newspapers as worth going to the expense and trouble to try to save on the computer?

4. Do you see microfilming the old newspapers as ancient technology, to be replaced by digitizing the newspapers?

5. Is anyone saving the news today that is available every day on the Internet - or are we still depending on the printed newspaper to save historical record?

Maybe I'm asking too many questions. It's just that all of this is very interesting to me.

Thank you again for your blog.


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