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Acquisitions Spotlight: Additions to Existing Collections

I've written before about some of the new collections that have been donated to Western History and Genealogy, but also important are the many donations of additional material to exisiting collections that come in.

In recent months, we've received additional material for our collections on the Colorado Archaeology Society, Colorado Cattlewomen, Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists, Colorado Symphony Guild, Sister Alicia Cuaron, Denver Agricultural Club, Ben Duke, Florence Hernandez-Ramos, Bill Hosokawa, Ben Lindsey, Edward Milligan, National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Colorado, Opera Colorado, Pierson Family, Society of American Foresters, Sister Who, Tuesday Morning Class, and the Wilderness Society, to name a few. Visit our catalog (www.denverlibrary.org) to find out more about these collections, or come in and visit us if you would like to see them in person!


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