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Acquisitions Highlight

We are privleged here at WHG to have a large number of community members who sing our praises and help us bring in collections.

Some of these individuals are on one of our two Acquisitions Committees, while others assist us independently. One such person is Rebecca Hunt, a history instructor at CU-Denver and one of our biggest supporters. Rebecca never misses an opportunity to send her students to our department to do research in our collections, and she keeps her eyes open for collections that may be a good fit for us.

Recently, Rebecca called me about a man named Wally Ginn. Wally, a retired educator, has had a deep impact on schools and students not only in Denver, but around the world. He spent 24 years teaching abroad in England and Germany before returning to Colorado in 1989, at which time his father, Carl Ginn (a Denver Public Schools educator for 42 years and North High alumnus), urged him to join the North High School Alumni Association. Shortly thereafter, Wally became the group's historian.

Wally recently moved out of the home built by his father to enter an assisted living facility and, being a lover of history and superb chronicler of events, requested that his papers come to DPL. Wally kept original papers, clippings, and photographs pertaining to North High, his 100-year-old home and the Highlands neighborhood, Denver Public Schools, and his genealogy. Those papers are now part of our Archives Collection and will be tremendous asset to our researchers.

I would be remiss if I didn't also thank Hod and Sally Hutson, who worked with Rebecca to find homes for Wally's belongings, and Jamie Seemiller on our staff who also brought the collection to my attention.

For more information about Wally Ginn, visit http://m.rockymountainnews.com/news/2005/Jan/24/bgriegob-high-school-is-a-refresher-for-north/



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