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Probable dates & location

Very neat collection of photographs! All of the pictures which are of the Colorado & Southern locomotives and trains appear to have been taken at a location on the railroad known as "Forks Creek", where the railroad, and the north and south forks of Clear Creek, diverged. One track of the railroad went north to Central City and Black Hawk, the other, more southerly route went west to Idaho Springs, Georgetown, and Silver Plume. The railroad had a water tank and buildings at this location, which is why this seems to be the most probable location. The photograph showing locomotive #60 in the foreground may very well be the #60's last trip up the canyon. Notice that there is another locomotive in the background, and it has visible smoke coming from its stack. #60 does not, and appears to be being pulled "dead" (not steamed up). The #60 is also very clean and shiny with new paint, which makes me think this may have been the train that took #60 up to Idaho Springs, where it was left on permanent display by the Colorado & Southern Railway in 1941, and it still is there today. If there is any concern of my accuracy with these photos, please contact me via email.


Shane Schabow Brakeman, Georgetown Loop Railroad


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