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Henrietta Bromwell may have made the errors in 1926. As a direct decendant of Mark L. Blunt and Melinda Jane Stout, their son Laurence Calvin Blunt, and his son, my father, Robert M. Blunt I have family documents, newspaper obituaries, know where graves are located, and have pictures of grave markers with dates enscribed upon them. If the errors cannot be correced then the Denver Public Library should at the very least have an addendum (particularly online) with the corrections.

Bromwell is of no relation and documents in my possession from 1859 will not last forever. We tried to donate things to the Golden Pioneer Museum run by the DAR but politics and greed resulted in the City of Golden filing litigation. The Colorado Historical Society has some items but they store them never to be seen or trade them to other museums so the true Colorado history is lost.


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