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Mark L. Blunt

Who writes up biographies of early settlers such as Mark L. Blunt? They are written in the first person and make assumptions that are incorrect. If anybody accepts responsibility and wants to correct the error on Mark L. Blunt, a member of the Boston Company (officially the Boston Mechanics and Mining Company, founder of Golden City (now Golden), member of 2nd Colorado Volunteers who fought during the Civil War at Glorietta Pass in New Mexico, founder of cattle ranch east of Pueblo (house still occupied) and served as Tax Collector, Clerk of Pueblo District Court, married his 2nd wife, Melinda Jane Stout and had 6 kids. One kid (Laurence Calvin Blunt owned the Nevin Candy Company on Blake Street was a member of Denver Masonic Lodge #5, President of Confectioners Association, Denver Draft Board #7 and financially successful. Married Ruth Esther Howe, originally of Walnut, KS, then Pueblo, CO. They had two children. Laurence Calvin Blunt, Jr., and Robert M. Blunt (an engineer researcher in physics at the Denver Research Institute (DU). LCB Jr.(International Harvester) & Helen Bevers had two children (living in 2010) Sue Bevers Blunt Mullins (Iowa Legislator) and L. C. Blunt, III (CA attorney). Robert M. Blunt and June Buros had 5 children (all living in 2010). Tona (an O.T. in CA), Robert M. Blunt, Jr. (former police detective in Lakewood and now General Building Contractor), Peter H. Blunt, (former lawyer in CA), Stephen Thomas (now Zard Wilfre) real estate developer in CO & MN, and John E. (Jeb) a mechanical engineer teaching IT at Front Range Community College in Ft. Collins, CO. Misspellings and errors presently posted on Library website can be corrected by contacting Mark L. Blunt's greatgrandson Robert M. at niwenterprises@yahoo.com. Early Colorado history (the Pioneers and those who were attracted by the 1859 gold rush) is difficult to get correct but should be done right while decendants are still alive. RMB JR.


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