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So much to tell, so little time...


Working in an archives has made me realize that there are so many different events and stories that happen in such a short amount of time that to tell them all would be like trying to eat a hundred eggs in five minutes. I’m sure it could be done but the ability to hold on to it all in would be almost impossible. Just think about it, before Denver’s first settlers appeared on the horizon one hundred and fifty years ago there were already stories and legends from the Native Americans that had roamed the land for generations. Most of these stories and legends have either been lost or forgotten with the passage of time.

What has really interested me here in the dig lab is the scanning of the Story of Denver by Jerome C. Smiley. This book alone contains thousands of stories and events that may be worthy of retelling. And I am sure that there are even more stories that shouldn’t be retold (at least not in a public forum such as this). But that Dear Reader is up to you to decide.

So, why am I going to share these stories with you? Well, not only will it be a very good conversation starter at your next party, but also I guarantee that the stories that are contained in this book are bound to entertain. So, tune in next time...no telling what might appear out of the past.


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