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Tough Questions for Eighth Graders

Match wits with a Colorado 8th Grader from 1891.

"Define a transitive verb. Write ten." "What were the closing events of the Revolutionary War?" "Describe the Rhine River as minutely as you can." "40% of 62 1/2% of any number is what % of the number?"

Stumped? Well, if "Trial Questions for Reviews," [C371.27 A662tr 1891] is any indication, Colorado Eighth Graders were expected to ace these puzzlers in 1891. The book also has questions for third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh graders, many of which had me scratching my head...

Another gem from the Western History Collection, this treasury of antique Jeopardy Questions was hidden away with only a title and date to identify it. Now, thanks to the wonder of cataloging, its updated record will include it in search results for "math exercises," or "English language composition." Another classic rescued from obscurity through the magic of controlled vocabulary and subject headings!


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