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Red with Murder

Frank and Jesse James

Frank James (1843-1915) and Jesse James (1847-1882) were both born in Clay County, Missouri. The brothers, through legend, became two of the most celebrated outlaws of all time.

The Art of Exploration

CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XX
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII

Historic Hayden Survey of the West Goes Digital

The storied Hayden Geological Survey of 1871 not only vastly expanded our knowledge of the American West with a detailed and precise atlas of the territory, it joined the talents of some of the gre

Photo Archive Friday

One beautiful car

This is the Grover Special made for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

The Grover Special was quite the race car built for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Nat Love: A True Original

Deadwood Dick

"If a man can't go out in the blaze of glory, he can at least go with dignity." - Nat Love

Born a slave in Davidson County, Tennessee in 1854 Nat Love grew up to be a man that led an amazing life.

Photo Archive Friday

Inside of a train engine

Ever wonder what the inside of a train engine looks like?

This is just what the doctor ordered if you’ve ever been interested in what exactly the insides of a train looks like

This photograph was taken inside the Santa Fe Roundhouse at Emporia, Kansas. It shows what the inside of a 3160 class engine looks like.

The photo taken in 1937.

Photo Archive Friday

Wow a very large fish

Something fishy is going on here. Can you imagine the fish story this man told. It might have been one of the few that was actually correct!

This is one majorly large fish, too bad the Sturgeon isn’t an eating fish. I wonder how many people this one could feed. Bet they cleaned up on the caviar market though.

This Doc Didn’t Make House Calls

Doc Middleton

Most people today define the term “cowboy” as an animal herder who tends to horses and cattle, does a myriad of ranch related tasks, and perhaps has something to do with the modern day rodeo.

Memorial Day Photo Shop Sale

Two girls, Mary Elizabeth and Harriet Rhoads, look at tulips; grave markers and
Helen Perry poses near a marker at Crown Hill Cemetery in Arvada (Jefferson Coun

The Photo Shop here at Denver Public Library, Level 5, Western History/Genealogy Department is having a photo sale.

Items on sale are: