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Found in the Archives: Ina Zager Bookmark Collection

United States Bicentennial bookmark, 1976
American Cancer Society bookmark, 1964
Danielle Steel bookmark, 1982

Bookmarks Hold a Place in Our History.

Long before a “bookmark" was a shortcut to a spot in an eBook or a link to a favorite website, it was an actual object—a treasured placeholder to mark one’s progress in a paperback or hard

Eater of Man

Alferd Packer
Alferd Packer

The Case of Alferd Packer

In the late fall of 1873 a group of 21 men left Provo, Utah looking to make their fortune in the Colorado gold field. Amongst the group of 21 was a man named Alferd (also known as Alfred) Packer.

Photo Archive Friday

Philip Van Cise
Lou Blonger
Adolph Huff

The Bunko Squad is going to get their man

Did you know that back in the 1920's Denver had one of the top Bunko Squads in the U.S.

Denver's Needlework Guild

From left to right: Nancy Joyce Woodward and Dorothy Bell Joyce, 1937
Newspaper clipping from scrapbook, 1932
Scrapbook page from the 1960s

Charity Outfitted Needy in New Garments for Nearly 120 Years

There is something surprising about Western History and Genealogy’s collection of records from the Denve

Double Takes - Made Me Look - Again!

Metropolitan Building MCC-1614
Storefronts at the Metropolitan Building MCC-1614
Ghost Cars
Ghost Cars
Pediment of the Metropolitan Building MCC-1614

Ghosts in the Machine

Glass plate negatives, the state of the art in the 1890s, when they were done just right, could provide almost as much detail as today's digital cameras.

Hit You with the Sure Shot

Hit You with the Sure Shot
Hit You with the Sure Shot
Hit You with the Sure Shot
Hit You with the Sure Shot

The Little Sure Shot: Annie Oakley

Born in 1860 in rural Ohio, little Annie Oakley was destined for greatness and eventually became America’s first female superstar. Annie’s real name was Phoebe Ann Moses.

Photo Archive Friday

Hot Enough for you!

The Heat is Back but is it "Hot Enough to Fry an Egg"?

Summer is truly here in the Southwest. Denver’s temps have been raising up into the 90’s all this week.

Poetry Collection in Western History and Genealogy

Harte, Bret. Her Letter. New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1905.
Mohr, Bill. Hold-outs: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance, 1948-1952. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2011.
Eugene Field     X-22196
Hogan, Linda. The Book of Medicines. Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1993.

Poetry in Western History and Genealogy? We have many books of poetry associated with the American West. Come in and read original editions by the Western poets Bret Harte and Joaquin Miller.

Denver Dining of Yore: Blue Parrot Inn

Blue Parrot Inn menu, 1941
Lobby and court room, Blue Parrot Inn. By John T. Bartlett, ca. 1930 (X-29495)
Postcard, ca. 1928
Denver Dining of Yore: Blue Parrot Inn
Blue Parrot Inn menu, 1926

Learn more about a Denver restaurant where diners were greeted by a chatty, feathered hostess.

The Blue Parrot Inn, 1718 Broadway, appeared on the Denver dining scene in the early 1920s (the 1923 Denver city directory is the first to note it).

Gunfighter's Moon

Shootout Renactment in Georgetown, CO

The Art of a Gun Fight

Legendary lawman Wyatt Earp once said that in order to survive a gunfight you didn’t need to be the fastest draw in town or even the quickest to unload your six gun.