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Photo Archive Friday

Sign and male mob
Suffrage march from New York to Washington DC
Suffrage march from New York to Washington DC
on the steps of the DC library

Women’s March on Washington

Everyone has heard of the March on Washington that involved Martin Luther King, but did you know that there was an early one made up by female suffragettes?

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Archives

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Archives
The first Manuscript Division Reading Room, Thomas Jefferson Building, ca. 1920s. Library of Congress Archives, Manuscript Divis

October Is American Archives Month...But Wait, Do You Know What An Archives Is?

1. Archives go beyond books. An archives is a place where people go to find information.

Hang 'em Even Higher

The Hanging of Black Jack Ketchum
Sam Duggan Hanged by Vigilantes in Denver
Road Agents on the Attack!
Drawing of the Sam Duggan Lynching by Vigilantes

Another dose of Vigilante Justice...

Pictures are said to speak a thousand words and these photographs show us that real history is not as watered down and sugar coated as most believe.

Elvis Presley: Honorary Denver Cop and Eater of Strange Sandwiches

Denver Post. 15 August 2002. Page F1
Denver Post. 16 January 1976. Page 1
Rocky Mountain News. 18 August 1977. Page 8

So everybody knows about Elvis and how he made crowds of screaming girls go crazy with a shimmy of his hips. On April 8, 1955 he first appeared in Denver, where he ignited the mostly female crowd.

Snapshots of the Modern Past


Lloyd Rule's Photographs Peek into Idyllic Times

Another of the lesser known Colorado photographers represented in our database is Lloyd Warren Rule, a commercial photographer who after serving in the Army during World War II and Korean War, and

Hail to the King

Buffalo Bill Cody
Young Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill, Red Cloud, and American Horse
Buffalo Bill Shooting

Still the Man...

Who’s the most famous American that ever lived? Today people might say Abraham Lincoln or perhaps George Washington.

Photo Archive Friday

Woman Smoking Rh-2087
women smoking article

We’ve Come A Very Long Way!

Ok, ladies, this one’s for you. It’s not quite a photo but it was too great to not share.

Lillybridge's Everyday People


Defying Adversity, Charles Lillybridge Captured the Soul of an Era

Many of the photographers in our database are reknowned as national figures, and many others are private individuals who enjoyed the new technology of photography as a hobby.

The Iron Horse

California Zephyr
Engine 818
Engine 4053
The Iron Horse
Engine 5063
Engine 7002
Denver Rio Grande and Western Railroad

A tribute to trains...

There is something about trains that stirs people’s emotions and makes them fall in love.

Hollywood of the Rockies: Exclusive Author Talk With Michael J. Spencer!

Hollywood of the Rockies. Michael J. Spencer. Charleston: The History Press, 2013. Front cover.
Hollywood of the Rockies. Michael J. Spencer. Charleston: The History Press, 2013. Back cover.

In 1896, Thomas Edison showed a motion picture on the wall of a building in New York City, launching a film industry that was first concentrated in the New York area.