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Skinwalkers, Wendigos, and the Witchery Way

Alferd Packer
Jeffery Dahmer
Alferd Packer

Just in time for Halloween!

As myths and legends of monsters and ghouls have been perpetuated through the ages, it is interesting to note that many do not have American origins. But there are some hellish legends that do.

Demons In Our Midst

Bloody Benders Graves
Benders Mass Graves
Charles "Big Phil the Cannibal" Gardner

True Tales of Ghouls from the Past

As Halloween approaches this year, people have begun to put out their ghoulish decorations, prepare their hellish costumes and stay up to the wee hours of the morning watching the myriad of horror

Photo Archive Friday

Photo Archive Friday
Photo Archive Friday

Happy Oktoberfest

I have to admit that October is one of my favorite months of the year. So many things are happening here in Denver. After such a hot summer, it’s great to get some cooler weather moving in.

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in Colorado

St. Louis Red Cross Motor Corps on duty Oct. 1918 Influenza epidemic. Courtesy of Library of Congress Prints & Photographs.
Description of Leadville during the 1918 pandemic. From History of Influenza Outbreak (1918) in Colorado, C MSS -M1208
Influenza Mortality Table for Leading Cities published in "Denver Municipal Facts," November 1918.

Need Motivation For A Flu Shot? A Killer Pandemic Turns 95

In 1918, a powerful strain of influenza (nicknamed “Spanish Flu” and “La Grippe”) spread swiftly throughout the world.

Spectacular Book Covers of the 19th Century

Ballads of a Cheechako

Eye Catching Book Covers of Yore

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover," but book makers have always known that platitudes aside, the cover of the book is often what catches people's interest and influences their decision to m

Photo Archive Friday

Sign and male mob
Suffrage march from New York to Washington DC
Suffrage march from New York to Washington DC
on the steps of the DC library

Women’s March on Washington

Everyone has heard of the March on Washington that involved Martin Luther King, but did you know that there was an early one made up by female suffragettes?

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Archives

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Archives
The first Manuscript Division Reading Room, Thomas Jefferson Building, ca. 1920s. Library of Congress Archives, Manuscript Divis

October Is American Archives Month...But Wait, Do You Know What An Archives Is?

1. Archives go beyond books. An archives is a place where people go to find information.

Hang 'em Even Higher

The Hanging of Black Jack Ketchum
Sam Duggan Hanged by Vigilantes in Denver
Road Agents on the Attack!
Drawing of the Sam Duggan Lynching by Vigilantes

Another dose of Vigilante Justice...

Pictures are said to speak a thousand words and these photographs show us that real history is not as watered down and sugar coated as most believe.

Elvis Presley: Honorary Denver Cop and Eater of Strange Sandwiches

Denver Post. 15 August 2002. Page F1
Denver Post. 16 January 1976. Page 1
Rocky Mountain News. 18 August 1977. Page 8

So everybody knows about Elvis and how he made crowds of screaming girls go crazy with a shimmy of his hips. On April 8, 1955 he first appeared in Denver, where he ignited the mostly female crowd.