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Almost Time to Garden

Almost Time to Garden

It's a classic.

From the 1950s through the 1970s, Herbert ("Herb") Gundell offered advise on how to garden in Denver.  He wrote a column for The Denver Post, had a radio program and a telev

Denver Symphony Orchestra

Jaycees acted as ushers.
Rehearsals were in the afternoon.
People could buy boxed chicken meals.
Families sometimes packed their own food.
Performances were in the evenings.

Summers at Red Rocks with the Denver Symphony Orchestra

In the 1950s, a series of summer concerts at Red Rocks by the Denver Symphony Orchestra gained a national reputation.

Native American Brass Band

Native American Brass Band

Wonder how they sounded?

Ralph Stanion worked as a teacher and as a superintendent on reservations beginning in 1898 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  By the 1920s, he was working at Fort Apache in Arizo

Clarence Holmes and the Cosmopolitan Club

Early Civil Rights march in Denver
Cosmopolitan Club meeting with George Morrison, orchestra leader

In 2009 the library processed the Clarence and Fairfax Holmes Papers (WH1270), which documents the lives of a politically and socially active couple in Denver’s African-American community.

Thanks to a Colorado’s Diverse Heritage grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), DPL archivists were able to process five archival collections of Africa

Great Coffee, Historical Photographs to Benefit DPL

Great Coffee, Historical Photographs to Benefit DPL

Grand Hyatt announces Grand Re-Opening of expanded Starbucks Coffee--

February 16th will find the newly renovated Starbucks at Grand Hyatt Denver showcasing images from DPL's Historic Photo Collections! Proceeds from the day will be donated to DPL!


Underrated Mayor, Underrated Governor, Underrated State

Pamphlet distributed on tour.
Underrated Mayor, Underrated Governor, Underrated State
Underrated Mayor, Underrated Governor, Underrated State
Underrated Mayor, Underrated Governor, Underrated State

The pamphlet pictured was distributed on bus tours designed to show Denver citizens the true state of housing in Denver developments.


Larimer Letters

Larimer cabin at 15th and Larimer Street, Denver City, Kansas Territory
First page of letter showing original handwriting

First Christmas in Denver

William Larimer, Jr. and his 17-year old son, William H.H.

Larimer Letters

Gift, Welch, Anderson, Wright, Holcomb, Kane, Hamilton, Donaldson, Moore, Sullivan, Smith, Wood, Oumer, Dorgan, Ulrick

Believing that he would be Colonel of a new regiment, William Larimer, Jr. vigorously recruited men for the 3rd Colorado Volunteers.  The transcribed letter that follows, like others in the collection Larimer Family Papers, WH1678, communicates his excitement and enthusiasm at the time.



Which Denver Public School is this?

Mystery solved for old Denver Public School

Did you go to Columbine school?

This photo in the Denver Public Library Western History Collection bears a stamp on the back which reads Information Services, Denver Public Schools.

Confessions of a History Major...

Memorial to Camp Alva Adams
Members of Colorado's Infantry
Members of Colorado's Infantry

Colorado soldiers and the Philippine-American War...learning more about what I don't know about Colorado history!

Working on the Creating Communities project has given me the opportunity to explore lesser-known (at least to me!) aspects of Colorado’s neighborhood histories.