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Muddy's Cafe: An Important Denver Institution

Front cover. Muddy's Chronicles: Memoirs From The Last Great Coffeehouse. Bill Stevens. Centipede Press: Lakewood, CO, 2008
Back cover. Muddy's Chronicles: Memoirs From The Last Great Coffeehouse. Bill Stevens. Centipede Press: Lakewood, CO, 2008

I was from a Western Slope town where we didn’t even have a café.

Marbleous Marble, Colorado

Marble Quary Number 4 About the Time Lincoln Took Charge
View of Marble from the Road Leading to the Quarry
Marble Mill and Crane Support Pillars
From the Date History of Marble Colorado by Ruby Isler. Reminder Publishing Company. (1965?)

Marble for the Nation's Monuments

The little town of Marble, Colorado has had a big role in the construction of some of our country’s most hallowed monuments and important buildings.

The Sand Creek Massacre: 148th Anniversary

Camp Weld Council: Including Edward Wynkoop, Black Kettle, and Silas Soule
Sand Creek Massacre Marker

Today marks the 148th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre, one of the most unfortunate events in Colorado and United States history. On November 29, 1864, 700 troops led by Colonel John M.

W.P.A. Writer's Project - Recording Denver's Ethnic History

WPA Workers Shape Wax Figures at Colorado Museum of Natural History
Colorado Symphony Orchestra WPA Federal Music Project

And the History and Lore of Colorado

You might have known that the early Greeks of Denver established restaurants, but did you know that the Jewish population of Denver in the 1930’s numbered 18,000, and that many Jews lived nea

Tom "Headbanger" Hallewell: A Punk Rock Archive at Your Public Library

Big Takeover. Jack Rabid. New York: December 1982, V. III, Issue IV
Frantix, Denver Concert Flyer, circa 1982
Husker Du, Denver concert flyer, circa 1982
Meat Puppets and The Fluid, Denver concert flyer, circa 1982

Tom “Headbanger” Hallewell was an influential figure in Denver’s early punk scene.

Remember when...

We all have memories of our school days. It seems like it was a continual round of hurry up and waits. Days where we all stared at the clock counting the seconds to reces

Was Wyatt Earp a Cold Blooded Murderer?

Was Wyatt Earp a Cold Blooded Murderer?

On October 26, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, Wyatt Earp, his two brothers, and their comrade Doc Holliday locked horns with the Clanton and McLaury brothers in what became the most famous shoo

Dogs and Mad Englishmen

Dogs and Mad Englishmen

Written during the heat of a noon day sun...

With the Olympics still in full swing the jacket of Prairie Fever caught my eye. The Union Jack above a group of gentlefolks in the middle of the vast American prairie.