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Photo Archive Friday

Having fun in school

This was the future in 1982, you have to give the teachers credit it must have been fun for the kids! When else could you get kids to look forward to a spelling test.

Rocky Mountain News Archive

Photo by Frank Murray - December 15, 1982

Photo Archive Friday

The great race

Was this a fair race?

Here is a great image from the Otto Roach Photographic Collection C Photo Collection 67. 

Image shows a race between motorcyclists against skier. Wonder which one won.

Photo Archive Friday

Secretary Day

From the Rocky Mountain News Archives Rocky Mountain News – Paramount Theater  

From the Rocky Mountain News Archives Information on the back of the image: Rocky Mountain News – Paramount Theater March 12, 1963

Photo Archive Friday

Sonny Liston punking Cassius Clay

Sonny Liston punk'd Cassius Clay

This photo is from the Burnis McCloud photographic collection

photo shows L-R

Unidentified male

Cassius Clay (Mohamed Ali) Heavy Weight Boxing Champ

Architectural Drama in the Queen City of the Plains


Modern Then, Iconic Now

Our vast photo database is filled with treasures of every flavor.

Photo Archive Friday

Senator Johnson pauses during tour of RM Arsenal

Image selected from the photographic undigitized collection

Photo showing Senator Edwin C. Johnson pauses during his tour of inspection of Rocky Mountain Arsenal to view the 100lb. incendiary bomb.

Digital Archiving in the 21st Century! (or at least in the early part of it...)

Digital Transitions--RCam, with Phase One P65+ digital back
Ability to capture incredible detail!  (We promise we're not counterfeiting!)
Detail from Robinson's Atlas of Denver 1887, Plate 13

After nearly three years of research, planning and developing strategy-- (alongside a strenuous attempt to stay on pace with sprinting technology) the Imaging Services Lab of DPL's Western History and Genealogy department is at long last moving into the next phase of its evolution, and the 21st Century.

When our program began not-so-long-ago in 1996-- I doubt very much that those involved could have conceived of the changes-- and new sets of challenges-- that technology would deliver in ten years'

New Castle, Colorado: A Coal Town That Survives Despite Disaster

Main Street in New Castle, Colorado. Circa 1890-1900.
New Castle, Colorado on the Fourth of July, 1891.
Shrull, Dale. The Legend of Burning Mountain: An Early History of New Castle. Glenwood Springs: Stoney Mountain Publishing, 2000
Shrull, Dale. The Legend of Burning Mountain: An Early History of New Castle. Glenwood Springs: Stoney Mountain Publishing, 2000

The town of New Castle was one of many Western Slope towns incorporated during the coal boom of the 1880’s, but is one of few coal towns from that era to have survived.